London Times
Chinese set sights on AIM

SEVERAL hundred Chinese companies have expressed an interest in floating on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) after recent heavy lobbying by the London Stock Exchange, which runs the junior market. [ More ]

Financial Times
AIM Flourishes with Internationally Focused Companies

One of the more notable aspects of the success of the London Stock Exchange's Alternative Investment Market has been its ability to attract internationally focused companies. [ More ]

Tiger serves high growth Asian companies with international business or potential in our key sectors of Technology, Media and Telecommunications. Tiger clients pursue international growth and desire to list their shares on a London market to help finance their plans and establish themselves in the West.
Whether your objective is an Initial Public Offering to realize wealth or achieve Growth Capital objectives, whether you desire a Secondary Listing of your shares in the West or whether you have critical Pre-list Finance requirements or other Business Development objectives - Tiger will help you achieve results.
You benefit from our collective expertise in International Business, Law and Corporate Finance plus our understanding of your unique needs as an international business from Far East Asia.
We start by working with you to review your business and determine whether an Asia/London solution is the right path for your international growth. If so, a typical engagement of Tiger involves a 4 Phase Process:
Phase 1 Investigation, Evaluation and Preparation
Phase 2 Pre-IPO Financing
Phase 3 Preparation of IPO
Phase 4 Execution of IPO
Pre-IPO Financing
If your company is 6 to 18 months away from an IPO and you engage Tiger to manage your IPO then Tiger will assist you in raising necessary pre-IPO investment. Investment funds come from a combination of wealthy individual or strategic investors, institutions (both in Asia and London) and our own Tiger Funds.
IPO on London Capital Market
A London IPO may be the solution to your Capital Raising needs, or, it may provide the exit your Venture Investors seek. There are many reasons to choose London over a domestic market or Nasdaq. Learn why .
An IPO is a time consuming, costly and otherwise challenging project - on any stock market. A London listing is no exception and you will need a number of professional advisers approved by the LSE to help you achieve the listing: Nominated Advisor (Nomad), Broker, Financial PR, Accountant, and Law Firm. We introduce you to advisers who we have pre-selected for their expertise and cultural suitability with flotations of Far East Asian companies. Through Tiger Capital Partners, you gain direct access to the decision makers in the institutions you will need to succeed.
Tiger Capital Partners further simplifies matters and increases your likelihood of success by educating you and preparing you before you meet advisers and try to engage them and set them to work. We help you assemble the right team of advisers and then manage them to achieve a successful, timely, efficient and cost effective London listing.
The process starts with our initial due diligence of your company: financial, commercial, legal. Together we develop a compelling narrative of why your company seeks to list in London as opposed to, or in addition to, your domestic market. We guide you to collect and organise the necessary business and accounting documentation and other information that will be required and verify that your business is structured correctly and that you have sought the appropriate local permission to list overseas.
When this is done, we groom you comprehensively for meetings with prospective London advisers for your IPO. We prepare you to make persuasive presentations when you meet them, including drafting your Pathfinder Document and other presentation materials. We will accompany you and support you on your presentations. Tiger then helps you select, engage and manage your advisers, including negotiations of fees.
Tiger remains involved with you and your advisers through the entire IPO process helping:
Draft the prospectus and other IPO documentation.
Assist the nomad and broker with promotion of the offering to your prospective institutional investors.
Throughout the entire process, we are your experienced London representatives, managing relationships with the professional advisers and working to ensure a cost effective and timely completion of the listing.
Secondary Listing

If your company is already listed on an Asian exchange, you may desire a listing on a Western market - for example to conduct fund raisings in a western currency for acquisition or other expansion plans. Tiger can help you achieve it.

You benefit from our collective expertise in International Business, Law and Corporate Finance plus our understanding of your unique needs as an international business from Far East Asia.
Strategic Advice and Business Development

Often pre-IPO considerations include key restructuring or business development projects. Whether your particular issue is related to a Fund Raising or not, Tiger can help with a full range of corporate advisory work.

Tiger has representatives in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Seoul and Tokyo. Tiger partners have handled engagements in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, South Korea and Japan as well as the US, Europe and Middle East & Africa. We have strong personal relationships throughout the network to support Merger & Acquisition or other cross border transactions.

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